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Cremation Canada is a secure, informational website established in 2020 for Canadians seeking to learn more about end of life, mainly cremation.  Whether it be through planning ahead or a tragedy that brought you here, we are with you along the way to healing.  Our goal is to assist you in finding funeral services and products focused on cremation with honesty and trust at our core. 

Canadians are looking for a different service as a traditional funeral is no more their choice to pay respects for the deceased. Many provinces offer different cremation options to honour loved ones, of which eco-friendly cremation is increasing day-by-day.

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What is Direct Cremation?

Cremation can be part of a memorial service or directly (without a funeral service) as an option in contrast to the internment or interment of an unblemished body. What happens when a body is cremated is, the body is exposed to organic combustion, intense heat and dehydration. An engineered furnace is used for this process, known as a cremation chamber or retort. After cremation the remains such as bones etc. are collected and remains are further processed.

It is often a subject of discussion about the leftovers of cremation, typically the remains of the cremation are fragments of bones. As far as time required for the process is concerned, it will vary according to the heat intensity of the cremation chamber being used as well as the size of the body being cremated. According to the size of the body, remains leftover in the retort after being cremated, the leftovers are either buried or interred in a cemetery site.

Cremation has an advantage for it produces minimal toxic pollutants, and is the preferred environmentally friendly method as, no land disturbance is required for burial purposes. Cremation comes with far less costs as are associated with funerals, such as the casket, grave-site, cemetery fee, and headstone cost.

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Why are Cremation rates increasing in Canada?

It is mostly being thought that cost is the main premise for increasing cremation rates in Canada. As, a burial funeral costs almost $10,000 while cremation, a simple process, costs start from $1000, making it cheaper way for disposal of the dead body in proper way. Grieving families are often seeking a non-traditional a simple solution in combination with those who are nearing end of life who do not want a complex funeral. When it comes to ornate funerals, many feel expending more money doesn’t make the funeral feel more dignified and further benefits those grieving, so a simple personalized memorial is preferred.

Also families arrange cremation in a way that they may get their family gathered together at a time and selected place that is a suitable for the memorial of their loved ones, to spread ashes of their loved ones. This avoids a traditional notion of chapel-led ceremony which can often lose a personal feel, but may be held at a place that is significant for their loved ones.

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Pre-planning cremation

Canadians pre-plan cremation. There are many reasons behind the scenes. Some think of that burial may put a financial burden on the family, so they pre-plan a more financially suitable way for the family to say goodbye to them. They also think of that, their death may not put a stress on the family, therefore pre-planning cremation ensures that their wishes are respected.

Effects of cremation on the environment

Crematoriums emanate small quantities of airborne toxins and irritants which are then dispersed into water and land. The particulates produced by cremation are much less than produced by industries, burning of wood, and diesel vehicles. Our purpose is to help bring awareness to eco-friendly, low odour cremation through innovation.

Cremation containers

The containers used in cremation are designed to be pollution free. These special caskets are designed for combustion, the container is often a sturdy cardboard or lightweight, wooden box. The main premise is to make a container that is combustible, non-toxic and strong enough to carry the weight of the body easily. Find a eco-friendly cremation container to make a difference.

Cremation Jewellry

Cremation Jewellry contains a small portion of the remains of their departed loved ones either in small locket or container and in some cases, built right in. It is considered a modern way to memorialize a loved one by keeping a part of them with yourself all the time. Cremation jewellry is made mainly in the form of a necklace or ring which contains a small container filled with the remains of a loved one. At Present, cremation jewellry has been a part of memorial tradition for many in Canada and is becoming readily available on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Families usually keep remains of family members in a cremation urn and have a small portion of it in the form of cremation jewellry on their person at all times. These cremation jewellries are similar in appearance to custom jewellry but are considered of more sentimental worth to the owner.

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