Where are ashes commonly spread?

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What people often do with ashes?

Grief and sorrow are personal for Canadians, keeping their loved one nearby can be a source of peace and healing. Often a specialized container or jewelry is selected by the family to forever remember the deceased.

Many show their love in different ways like:

  • They put the remains into customized jewelry
  • Put them into their tattoos
  • Put them into stuffed animals
  • Sending them into space
  • Planting them
  • Spreading them over a large body of water

How much time does it take to return remains after cremation?

Cremation is becoming popular in Canada. The remains are handed over to the family often within three days after the cremation is complete. A licensed funeral service provider will give a document package to the family and specify the time and date to return the cremation remains.

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Merits and demerits of Cremation

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Cremation is thought to be beneficial in Canada for its following features:

  • It is a less costly process than burial, as it bypasses the expenses associated with funerals, such as the casket, grave-site, cemetery fee, and headstone cost.
  • It’s a facilitated process, as it difficult to deal with the situation at the time of sorrow, but all the requisites are arranged easily, while burial formalities take a lot of time to complete the process.
  • It is thought to be more environmentally friendly than burial which can be a source of contamination of environment and often requires toxic embalming chemicals.
  • Far less land consumption over burial, and helps to rule out the overcrowded land conflict of a cemetery.
  • It is portable method, as one can collect the ashes and decide later if they want to spread them at a planned, personalized memorial.
  • Burial is more difficult to visit for the loved ones due to geographic factors, so they prefer cremation.

Apart from the merit of cremation, many Canadian’s prefer burial due to demerits of cremation:

  • It is more difficult for them to mourn.
  • It’s a permanent disposal of the dead body and can never be exhumed in later stages of life, in any medico legal cases.
  • It may be against the religion of the family members of deceased.
  • Burial is considered more natural method by many of the families as it is preferred in their religion.
  • Burial is more considered as it provides a grave-site for the families and friends of the deceased to visit, though cremation provides this option also.
  • Some consider that may give more closure for the family to their loved one.
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